In the media

Over the years, I have been quoted or interviewed by various publications, mainly as an expert on climate and energy policy. Broadcast media interviews have included BBC, ITV, Sky News and Reuters television, particularly during the UN climate change summit that led to the  Paris Agreement in 2015 and earlier in my career while at WWF and Friends of the Earth.

Having been elected in 2021 to the Committee of Italians abroad of England and Wales (Comites Londra), which is an official consultative body to the Consulate, Embassy and MPs, I have had some recent media coverage in Italian. Examples:

  • Interview on my campaign and policy background and about my expectations as representative of Italians the UK, Complitaly, February 2022
  • Coverage of event and speech given at event in London with the leader of Italy’s largest trade union CGIL, Maurizio Landini

During my five years (2016-2022) as board member of the3million, I chose not to act frequently as a spokesperson as I preferred to focus on my climate and energy core area of expertise, but here are two examples where I did – as an opinion piece author on Huffington Post and as a media spokesperson for Italian radio and TV (photo below):


Here is a very limited sample of quotes on climate and energy over the years:


And further back in time….

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