For policy & campaigning work

Tony Juniper, former Director of Friends of the Earth, now Chair of Natural England: “I was very pleased to work with Germana during her time at Friends of the Earth, when she was a senior campaigner on climate change, and among other things working on The Big Ask, a campaign for a new climate change law in the UK, which eventually led to the establishment of the 2008 Climate Change Act.

We attended many meetings together, including with politicians and senior civil servants, and worked together on discussing and determining the organisation’s policy and strategy on a number of climate issues. Germana briefed me on policy and in preparation for media interviews and I always felt I was getting the best possible advice. During my time working with her I found her to be very professional, thorough as well as reliable and knowledgeable about the issues she works on.”

Peter Chalkley, Director, ECIU: “Germana brought in-depth insight into the COP21 international climate negotiations including a real understanding of the political nuance of the talks. Her blogs and briefings reflected this knowledge as well as the ability to draw on an extensive network of contacts in the field. As a former journalist she also understood very well the media landscape around the COP and the challenges and opportunities this presented.”

Martin Hiller, Director General, REEEP – Investing in Clean Energy Markets: “Germana Canzi consistently delivered high quality results in fundraising, research, strategy development and project management work that I and the management team have involved her in. Her role was particularly important in widening the range of funders we engage with and in kick starting contacts and conversations with a number of donors in the UK and at European level.

Germana has confidently represented REEEP externally at a variety of events and worked with me and members of the senior management team at crucial meetings. Her project management and coordination skills have proven pivotal, helping us to advance projects in conjunction with other international organisations. I can therefore thoroughly recommend Germana to potential clients and/or employers.”

Matthew Davis, Founding Director of 3C, and formerly Climate Change Campaign Director at WWF-UK: “Germana is highly regarded in her field and will be my first port of call when looking for climate change and energy policy expertise. She is also an incisive technical writer and journalist – with contacts to match. Over the years I have been able to rely both on her professionalism and on her support.”

Meera Ghani, formerly at Catholic development group CIDSE: “Germana is very impressive to work with. I have worked with her in two capacities, as colleague at WWF and then as a client of hers. She’s diligent, thourough, knowledgeable and delivers to near perfection. She is a very pleasant colleague to work with, who thinks outside the box and is always willing to help and listen. She brings her unique perspective gained working with various organisations in different capacities to every job that she commits to. She would be an asset to any organisation that hires her, as they will benefit not only from her dedication but also the vision she has for the collective work that needs to be done on issues like climate change, energy and sustainable development.”

Simon Bullock, former Senior Campaigner, Friends of the Earth: “Germana is an excellent strategist, researcher and analyst across a wide range of climate change and energy issues, on both UK and EU policy.”

Hannah Hislop, Senior Global Advocacy Manager at Unilever (formerly at Green Alliance): “I have really enjoyed working with Germana as part of the Coolproducts campaign. Her extensive knowledge and experience of the EU policy and political scene has been invaluable to me.”

Ralf Lottes, former Secretary General of the Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation: “I worked with Germana for more than one and a half years in the framework of the NGO campaign Coolproducts for a Cool Planet. She is an experienced and reliable professional with excellent writing skills, a thorough policy background and a well-established network. Always reliable, it has been a pleasure to work with Germana. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work.”

For journalism and writing services

Denise Young, Head of Communications, International Council for Science: “Germana worked as a regular contributing writer for the Road to Paris climate change website, and I really appreciated her highly professional work ethic, ability to deliver on deadline and her unique combination of editorial judgement and political astuteness. Our first collaboration was a series of pieces she wrote on the Pope’s encyclical in 2015 – she did a fabulous job translating that long and dense text into really engaging content.”

Nadia Weekes, Editor-in-Chief, Energy & Environment at Haymarket Business Media: “Germana wrote articles on the European energy industry for a high-quality business magazine I was editing. She provided insightful, well-written copy to tight deadlines. Would certainly request her services again.”

Volker Buddensiek, Chief Editor SUN & WIND ENERGY: “Germana Canzi has contributed numerous texts to SUN & WIND ENERGY since 2012, especially covering the UK solar market and energy policy of the EU. Her contributions showed a deep understanding of the topics covered and a very broad network of professional contacts. As a consequence her text were very much appreciated and guaranteed a maximum benefit for the readers. I hope she will continue contributing for us.”

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