Journalism & writing

I have received extensive training as a journalist in the early stages of my career, when I was employed at specialist publications such as Project Finance magazine, Petroleum Argus (now Argus Media) and later Dow Jones Newswires, where I also published several articles on The Wall Street Journal Europe

My byline has now appeared over the years on a large variety of print and online publications. Here is a small selection:

Domani (Italian daily)

Huffington Post UK

– World Economic Forum

Business Green

Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit 

Climate 2020

– Road to Paris  (Freelance contributor on business and climate, climate finance (interview with Mary Robinson), and extensive coverage of the Pope’s Encyclical Laudato Si’.)

Wake Up Europe

Wind Power Monthly

Sun & Wind Energy Magazine (I was UK correspondent for many years)

Trade Finance

Ultime Notizie (1996) foreign affairs trainee reporter on Italy’s first ever online news service. Also contributed to Avvenimenti, La Voce and others.

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