– Sun & Wind Energy Magazine (2013-2016). UK correspondent. Also covering EU level energy issues.

– Road to Paris and World Economic Forum blogs (2015-2016). Freelance contributor on international climate change issues. Covered business and climate, climate finance (interview with Mary Robinson), and the Pope’s Encyclical.

–  Over the years I have also freelanced for Utility Europe, Trade FinanceWind Power MonthlyItaly’s Avvenimenti, La Voce and others.

– Argus Global Emissions (2007-09). Contracted as a “stringer” to write about EU wide energy issues, as well as climate change science and policy.

– Dow Jones Newswires (2000-2001). Energy correspondent, covering natural gas and electricity markets. I also published several articles on The Wall Street Journal Europe

– Petroleum Argus – now called Argus Media (1999-2000) – energy correspondent covering natural gas markets in Europe and Russia.

– Euromoney Publications (1997-1999), writer and senior staff writer for Central European and Project Finance magazines.

– Ultime Notizie (1996) foreign affairs trainee reporter on Italy’s first ever online news service.

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