I am a freelance journalist, campaigner and strategic communications consultant. I am also a member of the board of directors of the3million, the organisation representing EU nationals in the UK (but please don’t blame them for any of my silly opinions!). And I’ve recently been elected to represent Italians in England and Wales in the Committee of Italians Abroad (Comites) – London. 

I came to London from Italy in 1996 for an MSc at the London School of Economics. I then worked as a journalist for various business publishers and writing some of the earliest articles on the energy market implications of climate change for The Wall Street Journal – at the time this wasn’t a frequently covered story in the business press. 

In 2001, I covered my first UN COP climate conference, but paradoxically spent most of my time at the event chasing OPEC ministers to ask them about oil production quotas. This diverted attention from the future of our planet to the short term demands from “the markets”.

This led me to try something different, and to work for NGOs and think-tanks active on the climate crisis.  I  managed a wide range of projects: from being the first-ever NGO campaigner (for WWF) on improving the energy efficiency of products sold in the EU, to devising a comprehensive research project which informed the Stern Review and the UK Climate Change Act; from writing media briefings about the business implications of the Paris Agreement in 2015, to interviewing former ministers and EU Commissioners for a report on the energy transition I edited for Chatham House

I now help a variety of organisations in the non profit sector in a wide range of ways and I continue writing articles when I can, although my main journalistic effort has slightly shifted to directing and producing short films and videos.

For more information and my daily rates, please contact me at mail [AT] germanacanzi.eu