I am a London-based writer, campaigner and consultant and I have recently started making short films. I have over 15 years’ experience in climate change & energy policy and sustainable development, although I’ve sadly had to devote the past 4 years to Brexit-related damage limitation.

I am passionate about making seemingly technical issues accessible to a much wider audience through clear, jargon-free writing. In order to try to reach out to wider audiences, I’ve recently attended intensive training, and started producing and directing short films which you can find more about here. I am also currently working on a series of short films on global environmental issues.

Among my top achievements in policy & campaigning:

  • devising and commissioning (with colleagues from The Big Ask campaign steering group) the world’s first ever report on setting a national carbon budget, which achieved high profile media coverage and contributed to kick starting the debate on establishing a UK Climate Change Act;
  • explaining to British politicians how other EU countries promoted renewables e.g. with Feed In Tariffs, at a time when this approach was unthinkable in the UK (one of these politicians later promoted FITs as a minister);
  • fending off cuts to EU development aid during tense EU Budget negotiations;
  • co-designed, launched and managed a major global research and dialogue project on the future of coal (Coaltransitions.org) including academics, NGOs and trade unions as well as representatives of the coal industry;
  • achieved with colleagues a boost in global media coverage on climate related risks to the financial system, e.g. from coal “stranded assets”, in countries where media had previously not covered the issue.

I am bilingual Italian and English and speak good French and Spanish, plus some Russian. I have lived, studied and/or worked in six countries and three continents.

Please contact me for more information and a quote: mail – AT – germanacanzi.eu