I am a London-based business journalist, analyst & project manager with extensive experience in energy policy & sustainable development.

Feeling unsatisfied with the way the press under-reported climate change, I put on hold in 2001 my work as financial newswire reporter at Dow Jones, to spend three years in Brussels setting up a pan-European campaign on energy conservation for WWF.

Later, at Friends of the Earth in London, I managed a large research project to back up The Big Ask campaign. This included the world’s first ever report on how to set a “carbon budget” which achieved widespread media coverage and had a significant impact in the lead up to the UK 2008 Climate Change Act.

I did eventually return to journalism, writing for specialist publications on a freelance basis. I have also been running a climate policy consultancy for 10 years, working on a variety of projects, often in cooperation with other consultants and business partners.

I am currently employed as Head of Programme & Marketing at the Climate Strategies network. Find out more about my climate change policy experience here.

Contact me on: mail [ at ] germanacanzi.eu

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