Energy conservation finally taking centre stage…except in the media

At the end of October I attended two very different conferences: the FT Renewable Energy summit and a seminar at the Overseas Development Institute on “Learning lessons from low carbon development”. I can’t possibly cover everything I’ve heard there in a short blog entry (plus as a freelance journalist, I have the privilege of being among a dwindling group of people that still actually gets paid for writing articles – and I have been commissioned to write a couple of those…).

One thing really struck me: at both events, energy conservation emerged as a big theme, in a way that is relatively new in these circles.   Continue reading “Energy conservation finally taking centre stage…except in the media”

European aid policy at crossroads

I was very lucky to attend the 2-day “EU change makers” high level conference at the Overseas Development Institute in my last 2 weeks at Bond. The event provided an excellent overview of the main issues and challenges facing the international development sector in Europe and was attended by senior stakeholders from governments, think tanks, NGOs, and a couple of politicians. Continue reading “European aid policy at crossroads”

IEA sees staggering growth of renewables

I have been writing an article for a new publication soon to be launched by the editorial group that publishes Sun & Wind Energy magazine, and as part of the research I read a report that the IEA launched a few days ago – the  Medium Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2012. I am definitely very familiar with renewable energy issues, and used to hearing about its massive growth. Yet, I found some of the illustrations in the report genuinely staggering. Continue reading “IEA sees staggering growth of renewables”

How to increase funding for “cinderella” environmental issues

I’ve recently come across a very interesting report: “Where the Green Grants Went”, published by the UK Environmental Funders Network. The basic finding can be summarised very simply: environmental campaigns don’t get enough funding, given the massive scale of the crisis we are facing, and compared to the much larger funding that goes to other societal issues.  Continue reading “How to increase funding for “cinderella” environmental issues”