Clean energy finance publication launched

I’ve been busy writing for a newly launched renewable energy finance publication, called swe_markets. The first two issues are available for free here and here. The newsletter is published by Sun & Wind Energy magazine, the English language version of Germany’s longest-running renewable energy magazine. 

In the first two editions, I’ve covered the European Investment Bank’s crucial renewable energy finance role and interviewed the head of EMEA utilities at Bank of America Merryll Lynch about emerging financing trends in the sector. For the third issue, soon to be published, I spoke to the head of renewables at Allianz Global Partners here in London. I am also currently writing about the Norwegian Oil Fund – the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world – and its recently announced plans to invest more into renewable energy.

Have a look at the newsletters for other interesting articles on Chinese share prices, European renewable energy bonds, Chile’s renewable energy plans and India’s solar future, amongst many others.

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